にょろっこ【非対称対戦サバイバルアクション】一緒に遊べるオンラインゲーム  (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

にょろっこ【非対称対戦サバイバルアクション】一緒に遊べるオンラインゲーム (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

App Information of にょろっこ【非対称対戦サバイバルアクション】一緒に遊べるオンラインゲーム

App Name にょろっこ【非対称対戦サバイバルアクション】一緒に遊べるオンラインゲーム
Package Name com.nyorokko.forwardworks
Rating ( 592 )
Installs 50,000+
Category Action, Games

Description of にょろっこ【非対称対戦サバイバルアクション】一緒に遊べるオンラインゲーム (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android














製作総指揮 ゲームクリエイター 本田翼から、みなさまへメッセージ






Android 7.0以降(メモリ2GB以上)


このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています
“Nyorokko” is an asymmetrical survival action game in which eight players are divided into “angel” and “human” teams to fight.

◆ Are you playing tag … or running away …?
Exciting survival action set in the sky and the ground!

\ 2021’s longest festival is being held Death! ///

◆ Produced by Tsubasa Honda, who loves online games that both self and others recognize!
Produce everything from planning / character design to game design to service policy!

◆ Unprecedented! Limited time delivery until December 4, 2021!
The ending changes depending on everyone’s play !? The ending depends on the players!
Unprecedented story development in online games!

◆ In the final month, a gorgeous finale festival will be held!
Which school are you, “angel” or “human”?
The finale festival will be held on December 4th, where the ending will change depending on the length of the feelings of all players and the accumulated points in the game!

◆ The event schedule for 6 months is also open to the public!
We have events that everyone can enjoy, whether you like games or beginners! Let’s enjoy at your favorite timing!

■ □ ■ □ ■ Introduction of the game ■ □ ■ □ ■

◆ The number of players starts with 8 players per game! Enjoy online games with multiple players!
6 people are “humans” and 2 people are “angels”, and let’s clear the victory conditions for each team in 10 minutes!

● Human team ・ ・ ・ 6 people “cooperate”
Victory if you ring the 7 bells on the MAP within the time limit while successfully exchanging angel attacks!
Exchange various useful items from vending machines with coins falling on the map!

(Human is recommended for those who like hide-and-seek and hidden tag)

● Angel team ・ ・ ・ “Overwhelmed by power” with two people
Stop ringing all the bells within the time limit, or defeat humans and absorb all your souls to win!
Angels can fly in the sky and attack from the sky! Attack humans in an overwhelmingly advantageous position!

(Angel is recommended for those who like playing tag)

Executive Producer Game Creator Tsubasa Honda gives a message to everyone
“I will do my best to make the best memories of 6 months!”

Check here for the latest information on events and campaigns! ]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nyorokko_game
Official site: https://nyorokko.com

◆ ◇ “Nyorokko” (Nyoro Nyoro battle game) is recommended for these people! ◇ ◆

◆ I love multiplayer (games played online)!
・ Looking for a popular online action game
・ I love asymmetrical survival action!
・ I liked playing tag and hide-and-seek
・ I like pretend play such as human wolf
・ I want to engage in battles and action games that I can play with
・ I want to cooperate and play online games with everyone
・ I like FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS
・ I like online battle actions in asymmetrical battles among the games that can be played together.
・ A game world view of angels and humans, sky and ground, and confrontational structures
・ I loved hiding and playing when I was a kid

◆ I like the nostalgic world view!
・ I like the good old days of the Showa era and the nostalgic world view of housing complexes and parks.

◆ Looking for a popular multiplayer game!
・ I want to play online multiplayer where 8 players of 2vs6 fight instead of 1vs3, 2vs6, 5vs5

[Recommended operating environment]
Android 7.0 or later (memory 2GB or more)

* Devices that do not meet the above requirements are not covered by support or compensation.
* Even if the above conditions are met, it may not operate normally depending on the performance of the terminal and the communication environment.

“CRIWARE (TM)” of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this application.

Game id: com.nyorokko.forwardworks