スタートリガー【爽快ガンシューティングバトル】  (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

スタートリガー【爽快ガンシューティングバトル】 (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

(19924)Action, Games

App Information of スタートリガー【爽快ガンシューティングバトル】

App Name スタートリガー【爽快ガンシューティングバトル】
Package Name com.rekoo.startrigger
Rating ( 19924 )
Installs 500,000+
Category Action, Games

Description of スタートリガー【爽快ガンシューティングバトル】 (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android







・Apex Legendsやマーベル作品の世界観が好きな方
・ファイナルギア、V4、原神、マフィアシティ、ヒーローカンターレ、Homescapes、Toon Blastなど奥深い海外ゲームが好きな方
・Call of Duty、VALORANT、レインボーシックス シージ、オーバーウォッチ、バトルフィールドなどの世界観は好きだがFPSやTPSがあまり得意ではない方

RAM:2G以上 ※空き容量1G以上

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◆ For beginners only! !! Free up to 100 gachas! !! ◆

■ The largest scale battle royale in history ■
Exhilarating survival shooting set in space!
Fly around the battlefield freely up, down, left and right!
Shoot! Crouch down! Avoid it! Pleasure character operation!
Activate flashy skills with just one tap! Easy full-scale action!

■ Win an online guild battle! ■
Up to 10vs10! Defeat the enemy guild together with your friends! Aim to win the league match!
The key to victory is the combination! Skillfully control the guild-specific commands [Blast], [Gas], [Shield], and [Resurrection], and use your tactics to win!

■ Over 100 types of weapons ■
Infinite combinations! There are five types of weapons: [fighting weapon], [double gun], [shotgun], [sniper], and [heavy gun]. Let’s use it properly according to the battle situation!
Each weapon has its own unique skills, so unlock your skills and gain an edge in battle!
Furthermore, you can break through the limits of weapons with [Modification] and [Evolution]! Let’s aim for further heights!

■ High quality avatar customization ■
Enjoy avatar coordination with over 300 types of items!
Is it flashy with an emphasis on appearance? Is it cool with a focus on status?
Infinite commitment! Create the best superstar in the galaxy!

■ Various voice actors have appeared ■
Natsuki Hanae, Aya Endo, Megumi Toda, Lynn

◇ Star Trigger (Statry) is recommended for these people ◇
・ I want to enjoy a pleasant and exhilarating shooting battle with a high degree of freedom of flick operation
・ I like shooting guns and interpersonal battles with swords.
・ I want to enjoy raid battles with my friends
・ I want to attack the enemy in cooperative play and run through the wilderness
・ Even beginners want to fight with simple auto aiming
・ I want to enjoy the occupation battle in high quality cyberspace
・ I want to win the game with an avatar that I can change freely
・ I want to engage in an incandescent battle with a gun in an online battle
・ I want to survive Batrowa in cooperative play with friends who believe in providence
・ Those who like the world of Apex Legends and Marvel works
・ I want to conquer a raid battle that is about to collapse by collaborating with various weapons.
・ I want to overcome the battlefield with incandescent gun shooting
・ I want to shoot guns in interpersonal battles, occupation battles, cyberspace, and wilderness.
・ I like Sabage both online and offline
・ Those who are not good at PUBG, wilderness action, Fort Knight, Splatoon
・ I like battle royale, which makes shooting feel good
・ Those who like deep overseas games such as Final Gear, V4, Genshin, Mafia City, Hero Cantare, Homescapes, Toon Blast, etc.
・ I like shooting battles to identify tactics and battle conditions
・ I want to enjoy online battles with easy-to-operate auto attacks
・ Those who like the world view of Call of Duty, VALORANT, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Battlefield, etc. but are not very good at FPS and TPS
・ I want to have a high degree of freedom in interpersonal battles with swords and guns.
・ I want to destroy the enemy’s position by flicking

▼ Recommended terminal
Android.4.4 and above
RAM: 2G or more * Free space 1G or more
* Please note that we cannot provide support or compensation for devices other than those recommended.

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Game id: com.rekoo.startrigger