拂曉的拾荒團 1 (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

拂曉的拾荒團 1 (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

App Information of 拂曉的拾荒團

App Name 拂曉的拾荒團
Package Name com.komoe.fuxiaogp
Version 1
Rating ( 434 )
Size 1.2 GB
Requirement Android 6.0+
Updated 2021-01-13
Installs 10,000+
Category Adventure, Games

Description of 拂曉的拾荒團 1 (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android


 低肝度佛系放置,輕鬆升級資源一鍵領

 隨機性拾荒迷宮,獨特Roguelike探險

 歡樂Kuso末日,全日配劇情浸入式體驗

 招募多位拾荒者,解鎖角色三星滿破動畫

 成長式餐廳經營,蒐集食材研發荒野料理


“Using these weird ingredients… for cooking?” Doomsday is still picking up the gold price mother soup!
The catastrophe comes at the end of the day, and along with the abnormal creatures and the desert land, the only remaining people sink in despair on the wasteland.
The scavengers of the “Wasteland Food Group” broke the deadlock, symbolizing death, and gradually turned into a land full of hope. People have gone to the wasteland to collect supplies to explore and revitalize the broken world-they are called “scavengers.”

[Game Features]
 Low liver degree Buddha system is placed, easy to upgrade resources with one-click collar
Yesterday, I just sprout and become a god today. Ultra-leisure liver-raising system placement gameplay, the scavenger team automatically explores and collects materials offline, whether it is eating, going to the toilet or turning on for 30 seconds before going to bed at night, anytime, anywhere, and online at all times, you can receive generous income with one click and enjoy the placement easily The zero-burden fun of mobile games, bid farewell to tedious material copies!

 Random scavenger maze, unique Roguelike adventure
The micro strategy explores the strongest scavenger team, unique Roguelike maze gameplay, and randomly triggers different events and maps. Every decision will affect the results of scavenging. Explore the wasteland in the doomsday, fight mutant monsters in dangerous situations, collect lost objects from the era of magic workers, and unearth the truth of history step by step.

 Happy Kuso Doomsday, full-day plot immersion experience
Is there something wrong with such joy in the doomsday? The main storyline is distributed throughout the day, and well-known Japanese voice actors such as Okubo Rumi and Onishi Saori are vividly performed. What is staged in this wasteland is not the road of revenge, but the scenes of joyful, laughable and warm day-to-day scavengers, clearing the customs to unlock the Kuso fun story full of complaints.

 Recruit multiple scavengers and unlock the character three-star animation
Many scavengers with distinctive personalities and different characteristics are waiting to be recruited, whether it is a Q cute loli businessman, an otaku fox and beast girl singer, or a strong but shiny muscle boss, all characters are presented in three-star animations, whether you like it What kind of genre can be satisfied here, and gradually unlock their brilliant stories.

 Growing restaurant management, collecting ingredients to develop wilderness cuisine
The Wilderness Restaurant operates independently. Collect unique wilderness ingredients in the wilderness, develop novel and characteristic dishes, and choose the right decoration and menu for the restaurant. According to different settings, it can attract all kinds of customers and orders, and while gaining income, it can also unlock more combat-friendly weapons to lighten the hope of travelers in the end.

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※”Dawn Scavengers” is classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid addiction

Game id: com.komoe.fuxiaogp