Dhumbal Classic (Jhyap)  (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

Dhumbal Classic (Jhyap) (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

App Information of Dhumbal Classic (Jhyap)

App Name Dhumbal Classic (Jhyap)
Package Name com.flutter.dhumbal
Installs 10+
Category Card, Games

Description of Dhumbal Classic (Jhyap) (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

Dhumbal or Jhyap is an interesting and easy card game played with 52 cards in deck. Five cards are distributed to each player. The player with the lowest points among the players when any player shows the card wins the game. The objective of a player should be to make a set or a pure sequence, so that player can throw multiple cards and decrease cards in hand and subsequently reduce the total sum of face value of card. You can throw a single card at a time or multiple cards at a time if cards are a set or a pure sequence but you can pick only one either from the deck or from cards thrown by the player on the left You can only pick cards thrown by another player if you have thrown a set or pure sequence at least once in game.


Players can throw single or multiple cards. Multiple cards can be thrown only if they are a set (i.e.Double, Triplet or Quad ) or a pure sequence. Card having less chance to form a set or a pure sequence should be thrown in priority or else a card of higher face value is preferred to throw.

You can pick the card from the deck or pick the last card thrown by the player to the left of you, only if you have once thrown multiple cards (a set or a pure sequence)..

Any player can show cards if they have a sum of face value of cards less than or equal to five.

You can win only when you have the lowest points than everyone after showing your card. In case of two or more players having equal points, one showing card at last or player farthest in anticlockwise direction from player showing card wins.

If any player shows a card and his card’s point is not lowest then the other player wins ,this is Dhumbal. If Dhumbal happens, the player showing the losing card is blacklisted.
“Dhumbal”, “Jhyap,”, “Staki” , “quién va” and “Yaniv” are similar games played in most part of Nepal, India, Mexico and Israel with certain twick in laws of games but basic objective of game remains same and all are enjoyed by people around the world. It is a fun game.
Minor Bug fixes with winning logic improvements.

Game id: com.flutter.dhumbal