Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D  (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

App Information of Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D

App Name Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D
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Description of Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D is the pipa fighting new sports game with Kites Action fighting around the world for kite flyer. Flying a kite is favorite hobby for new Turkish generation. The goal is to fight and cut the opposing kites in a real battle in the sky. Are you ready for an epic battle with Ertugrul Gazi kites? Ertugrul Gazi is a true war hero who fights for the safety of his nation with the enemies. Begin the endless combat and destroy the opponents’ kites. Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D 🪁 is for you to make all enjoyment of Uttarayan with realistic kite game experience. Show your “Khech”, “Dhil” & “Thumka” skills of kite flying.

Do you love to loud like “Vittile”, “Chal “, “Jo jay”, “Lapet” when cut opponents kites? The sky is the only limit to fly a kite 🪁 in this Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D. You will have a limited time to cut opponent’s Ertugul kite. Cut as many Ertugul kites as possible of your opponent to win the 1 Vs 1 match. Select your desired Ertugul Gazi pipa and start flying kite in blue sky. You will be able to learn sport spirit with this kite game. Don’t lose yourself as here you will be playing on behalf of your favorite Turkish hero. There are many levels to play and extremely high-performance kits & reels are waiting for all kite flying lovers. Give a challenge to the world’s best kite cutter or kite fighter.

How to Play

Select Ertugul kite and reel and start flying kite. Continuously tap on “Dhil” button for dhil, your tap speed decides dhil speed. Continuously tap on “Khech” button for khech, your tap speed decides khech speed. To cut opponent kite, tap as fast you can, this will determine your speed like in real-world kite flying for khech or dhil in kite fighting game. Don’t stop tap while patch with opponent kite to avoid your kite to be cut and game over.
Press right or left button for kites direction.

You can select kites from different countries and various kite models including:

Brazil, Chile, South Korea, India, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, Jamaiaca, France, Netherlands, Barrilete, Tayara, Cerfvolant, Aetos, Drachen, Aquiloni, Takô, Shirosshi, Shiem, Drak, Jarkan, Volantines, Leijani, Vliegers, Drakar, Didak, Stell, Atok’er, Tchiang, Patang, Vozdouchnei, Chiriachirou, Caidéu, Wau, Yoah, Tairawakia, Layang, Tukkal, Tomawalk, Papagaio, Britt, Arraia Baiana, Flechão, Youngwe, Joystick, Sputnick.

Type Lines:
Cerol, Chilena, Manjhas, Roca, Manivela, line 10, line 4, line 24

Features of Ertugul Kite Flying Basant Combat 3D:

🪁 Multiple realistic Ertugul kites for ultimate sports fun
🪁 Greece and Cyprus, Bermuda kites, Māori kite
🪁 Festival, kites of shape Nagasaki Hata, Rokkaku, Buka
🪁 Art of the balloon being represented
🪁 Fight with competitor to cut kites
🪁 TAP to patch button for other kites cut
🪁 Many kites and 2000 meter reel to enjoy with
🪁 Best immortal Ertugul hero free kite games

Lets begin the Ertugul kite fighting now!

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