Ninja JaJaMaru neo classic  (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

Ninja JaJaMaru neo classic (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

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App Name Ninja JaJaMaru neo classic
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Description of Ninja JaJaMaru neo classic (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

[Ninja Jajamaru], released in 1985, reappeared in mobile. Control Ninja Jajamaru to defeat the monsters and rescue Princess Sakura who was captured by NamazuDayu!
Clear the stage 1 by defeating all 8 enemies. Use ninja star, jump, and powerful items to break through 50 stages.

[How to control]
Able to move the Jajamaru by dragging left and right, jump by touching jump button, and shoot Ninja stars by touching Ninja star button. The Ninja star button becomes a downward move button when a toad appears. Ceiling blocks can be destroyed by jumping. Items may appear randomly.

[Characters introduction]
Jajamaru: the main character, fighting against monsters to rescue Princess Sakura.
Jajamaru NEO: Powered up Jajamaru, called NEO Jaja.
Princess Sakura: The princess captured by NamazuDayu. Sometimes, drop the cherry blossom leaves.
NamazuDayu: Boss of the monster legion. Powerful enemy that uses bombs and fire.
Yuki: A cute snow girl wielding an ice sword.
Kurobee: Throw a sickle-shaped Ninja star like a boomerang.
Karakassa: Umbrella monster. Specialized in jumping movement. Throws sandals.
Headbone: White skull monster. Toss the bones to attack.
100 eyes: Eyes monster. Throws eyeball to attack. Must stun it first to defeat it.
Kakutan: Block monster. Attack with a long-ranged wall. Must stun it first to defeat it.
Kappa: New monster. Throw the cucumber to attack.

Beside of this, various characters appear!

[Bonus Stage]
Can enter the bonus stage by collecting 3 cherry blossom leaves. Find treasure as much as possible in limited time!

[Item introduction]
Wagon: Ride on wagon and defeat the enemy by crushing them.
Medicine: Transformed into invincible and invisible Jaja!
Ninja Stars: Able to throw Ninja stars far away.
Red bead: Jajamaru’s movement speed increases.
Toad: Under certain condition, Toad Pakun appear. Can swallowed enemies

Starting with the main theme [Jajamaru], the nostalgic [BGM] has been reborn in powerful new arrangement!
Can pick difficulty among [EASY], [NORMAL], [HARD], and [VERY HARD].
[BARRIER] mode: Start the game with a barrier that blocks the enemy’s attack once.
[NEO] mode: Start the game with [NEO Jaja] with upgraded range of the Ninja star and movement speed.
[Super] mode: Start the game with [NEO Jaja] with barrier mode.

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