RoleEver – Tabletop RPGs by chat  (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

RoleEver – Tabletop RPGs by chat (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android (100%Working)

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App Name RoleEver - Tabletop RPGs by chat
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Description of RoleEver – Tabletop RPGs by chat (Unlimited money,Mod) for Android

The days of RPGs abstinence are over! With RoleEver you can play asynchronously 24/7 wherever you want. Yes, even in the bathroom. Work and daily chores will no longer be an obstacle to your greatest passion!

Let’s get practical: RoleEver has a chat specially created for RPGs where you can to send dice rolls, consult and modify the Character Sheets, write Notes of the session, and much more. If you are a master, you can also create player sheets or download a model already made from the Laboratory, finally from the Stories Board you can search for a campaign to join if you’re looking for a master or publish your adventure and wait for adventurers to join if you’re looking for players.

Dice Roll
On RoleEver you can send your critical failures directly in chat! The app interfaces with your character sheet and the results are calculated automatically. So everyone will be able to see how, trying to hit the boss, you drop a blow on the head of the cleric causing a TPK …

Character Sheet
No companion app to hold your character sheets! In each campaign each player can see his sheet by opening it from the game menu and modify the stats as he wants (obviously the master always has the power to reset everything if the players make him angry)!

Stories Board
The long searches for players and masters will no longer be in your nightmares. From the Stories Board you can search for campaigns (named Stories in RoleEver) if you don’t have a master. Or, if you have an adventure ready and are looking for players, create a Public Story to make it visible on the Stories Board and wait for the players to come! They always fill up in 5 minutes. For real.

The kobold alchemist’s shop went bankrupt and he decided to rent his laboratory to us. Here you can create your favorite game systems. Shape the sheets your players will use and create all the stats you need, including the dice rolls of the game system! If you don’t have time or desire to create the sheet and the rolls from scratch, you can look for a system already made and published by other players in the Laboratory.

We dwelled too much! Join us and give it a try 😀

Game id: com.RoleEver